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Helping women reclaim their health and vitality by helping them identify the root cause of their health without restrictive diets and removing major food groups. 

Click to read more about what Nourish is all about.  How you can get Body Freedom. What exactly that means so you can finally start ending chronic dieting and negative body image.

French Macaron Loving. Yoga Practicing. Dog Loving. Self Prescribed Foodie. Closet Hippie.  And leader of the {Un}Diet Tribe.

The Facebook group that will quiet the noise of social media and bombarding of the newest diet trends.  Connect with women just like you, tired of yo-yo dieting and ready to feel good and love the body their in once and for all.

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I expected to learn about nutrition, but what I received was a coaching journey through my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.”Alicia
“Think of Cristina as your best friend, nutritionist, mindset guru, and cheerleader all in one!Cici

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You can end the never-ending diet cycle you’ve been on and have the body you’ve always wanted. Ready to let go of strict dieting & exercise regimes that are impossible to maintain?

I can help.

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