Seeing as though Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, literally, I thought this week’s post would just have to be about love.  Sigh. But not just any old love, one of the most important, well in my opinion the most important love, the love of your body. That’s right. I said it.

Loving all the bumps, scrapes, dimples, and those pesky extra pounds {gasp!} actually helps you lose weight.  

Say What?!

You may be thinking, Cristina… I’m here so you can help me get a body that I love, so how can I love it if it’s not where I want it to be yet?

True Story. I get the cycle. But hear me out.

Body shaming has horrible effects on not just your emotional state, but also it creeps into what you’re eating and then ultimately your weight.  When you love someone, don’t you typically do everything in your power to make them happy and show them how much you care for them?  Love relationships are a daily commitment.  And if you don’t treat them the way they deserve to be treated, don’t you run the risk of losing them?

The same thing goes for your body.  When you start to love your beautifully imperfect figure, you naturally want to show it how much you care for it.  You give it gifts, whisper it sweet nothings, and show it daily what it means to you in your life.

This love shows up in the way you treat your body (i.e. products you put on it) and what you put in it (i.e. the foods you eat). As a reward to showing your body this amount of love and attention, it will grace you with equal amounts of love right back. You’ll begin to discover that it’s capable of doing so many wonderfully amazing things when you treat it with a little bit of extra love and care.

On the flip side, when you don’t show your body the love that it deserves and needs, you don’t take as good of care of it.  And what good is that? When you deprive your body the love it deserves, you reach more often for that third fourth slice of pizza and that second cupcake. It’s not just about what you put into your body and how much of it. How you care for your body and self plays an integral role in your overall wellness. It sets the tone and your commitment to the process. The two go together like strawberries and bananas.

Not loving your body as it is: imperfectly awesome is what leads to weight gain.

Ok, I think you get the idea here. But now what? How are you supposed to show that gorgeous ass of yours how much you adore it while simultaneously working on improving your figure? Pop on over to The Brave-Hearted and check out my article on the one key you need to get a body you love.

But let’s also take this party to instagram. Snap a selfie and tell me one new thing you’re going to do to show your body how much you love it and don’t forget to hashtag #nourishbodylove so I can see!



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