I have a client that told me that she’s super disciplined when she eats. She watches how many carbs and calories she eats and feels really disciplined about her eating habits. She came to work with me because she was feeling discouraged because she still wasn’t getting results. We started tracking her food in a journal for two weeks and we discussed the results.  

This is what we discovered: Yes, she was super disciplined.

She ate super clean and healthy.

But then…. we noticed that when she did have a small treat, she wouldn’t just have a small treat, she’d have about 7 small treats.

It was feast or famine.

She isn’t unique with this. I see this all the time.  We’re too disciplined. Too hard on ourselves. Too strict. So much so that we deprive ourselves of indulgences that when we do have one, we go a bit overboard. It’s as if, it’s the last one we’re ever going to have.

Overly controlled diets are not sustainable. They’re just not realistic for our lives. We’re going to have indulgences occasionally and if we continue to deprive ourselves we run the risk of having some SSBB’s (Secret Sweet Binging Behaviors).

You know what I’m talking about, sneaking over to the co-worker’s candy bowl and taking 5 pieces of chocolate and hiding them in your desk.

Raise your hand if you’re guilty. {As I raise my hand. Been there. Done. That}

So, what’s a girl to do?

You might be asking yourself, “Ok, if we’re not supposed to be too disciplined, how am I supposed to watch what I’m eating all the while not falling into this trap?”

There’s an answer. I promise.

Stop. Being. So. Hard. On. Yourself.

A healthy lifestyle is ultimately about balance.  And finding the right balance for you is going to involve some trial and error. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve fallen into this pattern before. Learn from it. Evaluate. Breath. Reboot.

But pay attention.  What I did with this client, was tell her to have a small bite of chocolate {chocolate was her M.O.} after every meal. That’s right. Every meal.  And slowly, she had less SSBB’s. She was feeling satisfied. She felt less guilty.

Who said that having an indulgence means that you’re not healthy anymore? Why are there these long, fast rules? There doesn’t have to be. Break free.

My wish for each of you is to enjoy an indulgence today. Like really enjoy it. Savor it. Eat it slowly. Take it all in. Enjoy it. Smile. And then go on with your day. Don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t feel like you have to run an extra mile at the gym to “make up for it”. Let it go.  It’s not ruining your long term goals. Eat the damn piece of chocolate.

I’m about to enjoy mine, what kind are you going to have? I’m going to have a piece of salted caramel chocolates from Trader Joe’s. You know which one’s I’m talking about? Wow. So. Good.

Eat the chocolate.



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