An hour doesn’t go by without seeing an ad for one of the major mail delivery meal services out there like Blue Apron, Plated, GreenChef, or Sun Basket.  I thought they sounded like a lot of fun, but being someone with Celiac disease and other food sensitives and restrictions, I have always been a little hesitant about trying one of these services out.  


It was also important to use a service that had the same values that I have such as organic, sustainably sourced ingredients.  Each of these services have their own pros and cons and since I haven’t tried all of them, I can’t give you my full opinion on which I like best.  But I did want to share my experience with Green Chef, why I chose it, and why I would use it again.

It all started with trying to make things a little bit easier on us – and to spice things up in our dinner routine.  Taking the meal planning and grocery shopping out the equation during the start of the holiday season was also very appealing.  

So, I did some research and decided to start with GreenChef.  What sold me about them was that they pride themselves on using responsible sourcing such as all organic non-gmo produce, sustainably sourced meat and fish, and also eco-friendly packaging and delivery.  I really liked that I could start off by choosing gluten free right off the bat, rather than having a meal plan adapted for gluten free. I appreciated that GreenChef had the base option for Vegan, Paleo, Omnivore, Gluten Free that you can select- which made things super easy for me and those of you on an elimination diet. 

Here are five things that I loved about GreenChef:

  1. The package arrived on our selected delivery date in a well-packed, insulated package with everything clearly labeled with the correct serving sizes.  
  2. The price was right. We received three meals for the two of us in the package – Turmeric Tahini Chicken, Tuna Poke Bowl, and Lentil Mushroom Curry. The gluten free price was $29.98. We did have a coupon that we used but ordinarily the gluten free 3 meal package is $39/week. When you divide that by 2 people for each meal that’s $6.50 a meal. If we were to go out – we would be lucky to get soup for that price each.  So, I felt that the meals were reasonably priced.
  3. The menu was fun!  I was so excited when I read the menu because they were all foods that were naturally gluten free and not full of gluten free substitutes, which happens often.  But, if I’m being honest, I was a little nervous about it at the same time, in particular, the Tuna Poke Bowl because it’s not something I would ordinarily make. But that was the point, right? Stepping out of our cooking comfort zone and make some new meals.  And boy were we happy with the decision! The Tuna Poke Bowl ended up being one of my favorites – so it was fun learning that I actually like Tuna without having to spend a lot of money on buying tuna steaks out.
  4. The instructions were clear. I loved how each meal had it’s own card with the instructions, pre-labeled ingredients. The recipe cards had pictures alongside the instructions appealing to both the reader and visual learner in me, which was great!  The photos are suer helpful for those of you not as comfortable behind the apron as others.
  5. Ingredients were fresh and there was minimal prep.  I really appreciated that the sauces and dressings were already made and prepped in advance and arrived in little containers.  It really cut down the cooking time, which each meal is kept under a 30 minute cooking time.  If you were to cook and prepare these meals on their own, they would absolutely take longer because making those sauces and dressings take their own preparation time.  Taking that out of the equation made the meals feel more robust and fancy without the hours spent hovering over the chopping block.  However, there was some chopping – like the carrots, butternut squash, etc. But I expected this and that’s how the meals stay fresh.  

And because nothing’s perfect…

  1. As much as the recipe cards were very clear and concise with the visual pictures and break down step-by-step, I felt that some things took a little bit longer to prepare than indicated on the cards – and I think this is due to the fact that I have an electric stove (UGH – I know!) vs. a gas stove.  But if you weren’t as an experienced of cook, you wouldn’t know that the quinoa needed to be cooked longer.  This is just something to be aware of – use your gut and instincts. If the chicken doesn’t look fully cooked, stray from the instructions and cook a little longer. No harm, no foul.

This was our experience and this post, so we’re all clear, was not sponsored by GreenChef.  I just tried it out on our own accord and thought I’d share our experience. I will absolutely use it again in the future.  I love that the gluten free menu has 2 meat dishes and 1 vegetarian dish. The vegetarian dish was my favorite – Lentil Mushroom Curry!  



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