Hey, Babe! There seems to be this growing buzz in the wellness world that’s promoting gut healing protocols, but how do we know if we actually need to heal our gut and what does that mean exactly?

And how are things supposed to work?

This week live in the Non-Diet Tribe we had our first of a series that’s digging deeper into the GI system.  This week is the introduction of breaking down why we need to start considering GI healing and the various components this complex system encompasses.

Before we can even begin to understand why we need probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other digestive aids we might want to start off with a base knowledge (don’t worry it’s not too nerdy!) how things are supposed to work, first.

This way, we’re better equipped at digging through the noise and know if something is out of whack in our own digestion.

Listen to the Digestion 101 breakdown recording and let’s get this gut healing stuff cleared up.


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