Hey Ladies, last week in the Non-Diet Tribe we discussed the Second Part of the Series on Gut Healing – Digestion 101: Signs and Symptoms! If you want to check it out live next week, please join the Non-Diet Tribe.  

But how are we supposed to know if things aren’t working quite as smoothly as we need them to be?

Personally, I’ve found that most people can draw a line from their ailments back to their GI system. But, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. It’s also important to understand what those signs and symptoms are so you can be more targeted in your healing.  Not all protocols address the exact same thing and we’re all so different.

In this week’s episode of Live or Diet, We dig into the signs and symptoms that you might experience if you have the need for some GI healing.  Check out the episode below!

Subscribe because next week we’re going to talk about why supplements might be a good fit for you and which are my favorite for GI support.

Not ready for signs and symptoms and you need to go back to the basics, check it out here!

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