It’s not only officially summer, but it actually feels like summer here in Philly.  I have to say, I love summer – even pregnant. Maybe ask me that again come August? Haha.  

This month seriously flew by I cannot believe it’s actually July.  Vacation season is formally upon us and I hope that each of you have some time carved out this summer to do something fun, adventurous, and relaxing!  

I was talking to one of my private clients earlier this week as she prepares to go on a vacation to the Florida Keys. Talk about jealous!!! That blue water, guys. I just can’t.  When she told me, I immediately told her to ppppplease have a margarita and a pina colada for me. Oh man, I love those delicious, cold summer cocktails that were just made for sitting by the ocean.  

We started talking about her vacation more and she admitted that she was a little concerned about it. She wanted to know how she could continue to apply the things that we have been discussing while at the same time, enjoy and let a little loose on her vacation without the guilt.

Vacations are a time to enjoy yourself, reboot, and relax.  For some reason, culturally, it’s implanted in our minds that we need to restrict and prepare for our vacations as if we need to lose 10 lbs before we hit the beach.  

I hate the pressure this puts on us.

I hate it on so many levels. This is problem with diet culture.  What turns into a time when we’re supposed to be anticipating something we’re looking forward to – relaxing, going on adventures, and hanging out turns into something we stress about up until the day we leave.

Then come the first day of the vacation and we completely let loose. We go bananas on margaritas, food, etc. all in the name of being on vacation.  Then when we come home, we feel guilty and need to “get it together” when we get home.

Raise your hand if you’ve gone on vacation and felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation?

This pattern is restrictive. Negative. And feeds a diet culture pattern.

So, how do we break out of it?

  1. Stop restricting and putting pressure on yourself to lose weight before you leave for your vacation. When we restrict heavily, we inevitably end up binging. Restrictions lead to binging and the “letting it loose” mentality. The less we restrict the more we feel in tune with our bodies needs and we fall less into the trap of needing to “give ourselves a break”. Think about it this way, if you’re not restricting things from your life… then when you do have them, it’s not as much of a big deal. And it’s SO much easier to tune in, enjoy, and then detach from it.
  2. Actually enjoy your vacation! As much as vacations are a time to let loose, party, and enjoy those lunchtime margaritas, you’re also there because you wanted to carve out time to relax and take care of yourself.  Remind yourself of this while you’re on vacation and continue to listen to your body and it’s needs. There are so many ways to relax and enjoy yourself that doesn’t include a mid-afternoon hangover. Think of this time as a way to re-connect, relax, and replenish yourself. Coming home completely depleted kind of defeats the purpose of the vacation. If you’re going to a Bach party in Vegas… then just throw back the margs and take a few extra days off when you return to replenish. Haha.
  3. Let go of the guilt. Honestly, let that crap go. It’s too heavy to carry around with yourself and it serves no purpose other than making you feel bad about yourself. I often refer to this as detachment. Make your choices based on how you feel and what your body needs – sometimes that’s a vegan salad and other times that’s 5 oreo cookies. Allow yourself to do it and then LET. IT. GO. AND. MOVE. ON. There is no time or space in our lives to carry around guilt around food.  

Vacations {and honestly, every day!} are a time to laugh, carve out time for ourselves, and enjoy life.  It’s not worth restricting and then feeling guilty about enjoying yourself on your vacation nor does it really make any lasting impact on your health {or if you’re really that worried about it your waistline}! What causes long-term problems is perpetuating this pattern of restricting and binging. Let it go this summer. Make it your goal. Make it your mantra. Let it go. It doesn’t happen overnight, but every day if you commit to letting it go, you’re on the path.

Enjoy your summers ladies {guilt free}!


Tomorrow, I’m going Live for Round 3 of the Fuel to Thrive Friday 6 Week Series and per the request of my private FB group, the Non-Diet Tribe, we’re going to be discussing Food Freedom, what that actually means and how you can start on your path to food freedom.  It really is an expansion of this post and digs a little bit deeper into this topic. So, if this jives with you, please join us tomorrow by joining the group!  


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