I’ve noticed a pattern in the day that I have lovely named, the Energy Roller Coaster.  I see it all the time, pretty much with all of my clients and a lot of the women that I talk to – friends, family, etc.

Everyone just seems to be lacking energy.

Being the previous auditor that I am, I couldn’t help but want to dig into this and see if there was a pattern.

Low and behold, there was a very clear pattern that I saw over and over again.  

It was across the board. And it goes a little something like this…

  1. Wake up in the morning, not so easy.  We press snooze and we feel physically glued to our beds in the morning.  Some of us drag our feet to the shower or gym and need that first cup of coffee to get us going. {Raise your hand if this is you!}
  2. Start to get a little pep in your step – eat some breakfast (maybe at your desk, on your way to work, or you eat before you leave). But you get a little pep and the coffee and breakfast start to kick in.  You’re feeling more ready to get things done and get down to business for the day.
  3. Sometime between breakfast and lunch, you start to feel a little bit of a slump. Maybe you have a snack, start to get hungry for lunch (noon just can’t come soon enough!), or you go for coffee number 2 (maybe even 3??).
  4. Noon comes – Oh, sweet lunch where have you been?! You’re so hungry and more than ready to get away from your desk for a few. But you notice a nice little spike if your energy. You’re feeling pretty good and ready to get back to business… for now.
  5. Sometime between 2 and 3 PM – CRASH CITY. It’s hard to even stay focused in your meetings. The office chocolate dish is calling your name and you’re ready for that afternoon pick me up latte run.  
  6. Alright, now it’s time to leave work – hopefully this will change things. It has to be the job, right? Not exactly. We skip the gym or we go and our hearts just not in it.
  7. Not exactly feeling up to making that dinner that you found on Pinterest over the weekend, went to the grocery store for all the stuff, and instead decide to order takeout.
  8. Chill city – Netflix, This is Us, cuddles on the sofa with your dog, zone out city up until bedtime.
  9. Then suddenly, you’re in bed and you can’t fall asleep. You’re wide awake. How can this be?? You’ve been so tired all day?

Does this sound and feel eerily familiar?

Starting to feel like your day might actually look something like this…

Here’s the thing, you’ve fallen into the Energy Roller Coaster…

Instead of thriving and rocking your day like the amazing woman you are, you’re chasing your energy.

Trying to keep up.  

You’re not thriving.

You’re surviving.  

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I see it over and over again. I have personally lived this life and can tell you that you can get out of it!

You deserve to have the energy that you’re missing. You’re not just getting older. Your job isn’t sucking the life out of you (well, it might be, but that’s a whole other topic!).  

Your energy is your lifeline. It’s what helps you show up every day as your fullest self. Don’t you think you deserve to feel like your best self and not be caught up in chasing your energy day in and day out?

I want to know… what is your biggest challenge with getting more energy?

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