Intuitive Eating isn’t the Be All and End All

Don’t you love it when you’ve had a stroke of insight? What was once all foggy is suddenly crystal clear.  Early this morning, after putting Elodie back down to bed. I had that moment.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been heavy in the academic side of my field – studying hard for my board exam.  It dawned on me this morning, that I have spent a lot of my time communicating with you all the importance and vital necessity of breaking up with dieting, the harms of intentional weight loss programs, and making my perspective very clear.  

Now, I’m making a stand and planting my flag in the ground that THIS is the difference I want to make.

When scrolling through my IG account, I see so many incredible anti-diet, HAES, intuitive eating accounts. So many that I love, interact with, friends with the faces behind the incredible posts, and simply that inspire me and this movement towards body acceptance and breaking up with dieting.  And I love it. It is SO necessary.

But throughout the scrolling, I see a gap. A very clear gap.  

Intuitive eating isn’t the be it and end all.  And for some people, it simply isn’t the full picture.  

There – I said it.

Allow me to explain, here’s what I know through and through:

  1. Diets don’t work
  2. Diets don’t reduce illness or increase vitality over the long term
  3. Long -term dieting is actually more harmful than beneficial
  4. Weight is not a determining factor for illness (despite what your doctor may tell you)

Intuitive eating is incredible for those of us that do not have a need for long-term nutritional intervention. But for those of us that do, such as myself with celiac disease, individuals with type I/II diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune conditions, etc.  We are all STILL subjected to weight loss as interventions, diets, and literally, nobody can escape diet culture.

So, what are we supposed to do? For many of my clients they want to modify their lifestyle and nutrition so that (with the supervision of their physician) wean off their medications.  They want to get off metformin (if they’re on it for diabetes or PCOS), and they want to live their life without drug interventions.

In the current paradigm – there is little support for them without it being riddled with diet culture.  In the conventional medical field, it’s medication, dieting, and weight loss promotion and little to no nutritional education and support. This perpetuates the diet cycle wheel.  

We all know this is no way to live.

In the intuitive eating world, there is less focus on how to effectively and therapeutically support this goal. It’s a lot to navigate.  One that you shouldn’t go through alone.

If it’s a goal of yours, you should have the support of nutritional intervention without dieting and weight loss as the cornerstone of your health care plan.  Simply because these interventions are not long term effective and not the source of causation. And because you too deserve to have a reciprocal relationship with food and your body while you navigate your health.  

The line I’m drawing is crystal clear to me today.  I am the intersection between therapeutic evidence-based nutrition and anti-diet & HAES because I believe that there is not only space for both, but a very clear NEED.  


  • How do we create nutritional interventions without creating good vs. bad foods?
  • How do we support your long term goal of weaning off medications without the focus being on weight loss and dieting and at the same time, support intuitive eating?

I believe that the cornerstone of this approach is very deeply rooted in education. Education on WHY diets don’t work, education on WHY your waistline is not a determining factor for your health, WHY intentional weight loss is actually harmful, and equally as important debunking the nutritional myths that we hear every day through the fog of the wellness and dieting industries.  

My goal for you is to arm you with the nutritional knowledge to make your own informed decisions, tune into your body, and fuel yourself in a way that makes you feel like your best.

Stay tuned for more on this.

What do you think? Does this strike a cord?



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