The #1 Mistake Keeping You Stuck In the Holiday Health Anxiety Circle

It’s a tale as old as time.  Right after Halloween, we all start to get our homes, plans, and calendars ready for the holiday shopping, travel, parties, and festivities.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year, there is just a shift in the energy and vibe – sweaters, cuddling, and if you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace, a glass of wine snuggled up in front of the warm fire is a fall favorite.  It’s a weird paradox to be looking forward and also dreading this time of year.  

All the things we look forward to doing are also a source of our anxiety. It’s strange, right, to be excited and anxious all at the same time?

If you’re like most people, we try our best to curb the anxiety. 

Maybe you’ve gone gifts free one year. 

Maybe you’ve said no to a few of the parties in replacement of cozying up on the sofa.

Maybe you’ve maintained your regular gym routine.

Maybe you’ve resisted the break room cookies.

Maybe you’ve even stuck with the elimination protocol that was suggested to you through the entire holiday season one year. 

Maybe you’ve even just said to yourself, I’m not going to worry about this anymore and just have fun.

But year after year, you still feel like it gets away from you – the holidays. It can feel like you’re either enjoying it too much or not enjoying them at all. 

And inevitably you might start saying things like this to yourself –

“This is the year I’m going to stick to all these healthy habits so I don’t feel like I have to start over in January”

Or, you’ve tried that in the past and realized it didn’t work, so you give up before you’ve even started – figuring you’ll just start with a clean slate in January.

Whatever it is that you set to resolve in the New Year, the overwhelming feeling is that something needs to be resolved and you’ll just grin and bear it until the New Year.

I don’t want you to grin and bear it. 

I want you to feel good. 

Good about your life.

Aligned with your choices.

And good about the holidays!

The #1 mistake that I see with this pattern over and over again is that whatever the thought and plan is it’s rooted in being too rigid. 

How can “screw it I’ll figure it out in January” be considered rigid??

Well, when you don’t allow things in your life and in your routine to be fluid, it’s rigid. What if you say screw it and you feel like crap the entire holiday season – that’s being rigid too. 

This also inevitably leads to a very rigid January.

{been there, done that – never again}

When we set parameters for ourselves that are rooted in strictness and don’t allow for flexibility and attuning to our physical and emotional needs, we end up feeling like we’re somehow failing. 

It becomes an either-or situation – either you’re not partaking in the holiday events or you’re going back for a 5th drink even though you know you probably won’t feel that great afterward. 

Enjoying yourself during the holidays doesn’t have to doom you to feeling like crap.

The antidote isn’t to hunker down and get strict. 

The antidote is to relax and stay present. 

Stay tuned next week for how to relax and stay present this holiday season in Part III of this three-part series. If you missed the first part, 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the Holidays Kick into High Gear, you can check it out here.  Want to hear even more? Check out the Bonus Podcast episode on Real Talk with Dana where we dig even deeper into this. 


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