Lets face it...you're tired of being so hard on yourself

You’re tired of stressing about what’s “healthy,” “cheating” on diets, diving into exercise routines that only have you running in circles and never actually getting anywhere.

Because that’s not how you want to feel, is it? schedule-free-chat
Hungry. (Okay, starving…)

Like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working.
Like you’re the only one missing out on results.
Like you should feel (and look) like a million bucks but instead you’re…
Sluggish. Confused. Meh.
You’re not alone.

Trying to fit one-of-a-kind you into a one-size-fits-all program just won’t work.

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Here’s a little secret I want you to know:

The way you eat and move your body should make you feel more alive, not like you’d die to have a spoonful pintful of ice cream and a night on the couch.

And I’m here to tell you that there is a better way.

I’m here to offer some relief.

My name is Cristina Hoyt, and I help women finally let go of “weight loss” as the holy grail and start looking at their whole health instead.

It’s time to stop paying attention to all of the shoulds out there (that don’t even make sense when you add them all up) and come back to YOU instead.

‘Cause guess what?

• You’re tired for a reason.
• You’re hungry for a reason.
• You feel weighed down for a reason.

But the reason isn’t that you’re

• not trying hard enough,
• not working out enough,
• not eating healthy enough.

The reason is you’re not doing YOU enough.

You’re not listening to your body because no one’s taught you how.

As a certified yoga instructor and health coach, I help women tune into what their bodies are really telling them. Because when you make a connection between your body and yourself, anything is possible.

You see, I believe that you deserve to feel amazing and wildly free in your body.

Distress, chaos, pain – that’s just what happens when you’re not listening to YOU.

I’ve been there. A few years ago, my health was pretty much in shambles. I felt puffy, bloated, tired and sick all of the time. I was constantly achy and to top it all off: I had gained a bit of weight.

And this was not for lack of effort! I tried to eat healthfully. I went to the gym regularly. But something was out of whack and my body knew.

When I looked deeper, after multiple doctors had missed the symptoms (and misdiagnosed me), I pushed for testing and discovered that I had Celiac disease. Fun, right?

That forced me to rapidly adjust my diet. My symptoms improved, but they didn’t go away entirely. I was a little bit better, but I still wasn’t really myself. I just knew that I could feel healthier, clearer and more energized. I had before so I knew it was possible.

I just had to ask: what else is my body trying to tell me? What else in my life is causing this?

It wasn’t until I looked at my life as a whole that I started to really feel better. It wasn’t until I examined all of the pieces of the puzzle that the picture started to really click.

I renovated my relationships (my boyfriend was unemployed and didn’t have a checking account), my job (it stressed me out so I found a new one), my attitude towards my body (I started practicing yoga), & my spirituality (I started meditating).schedule-free-chat

Slowly but surely, it felt as if a weight had been lifted.
Like I could finally live. Like I could finally breathe. Like I was finally nourished.

My own transformation inspired me to create Nourish.

Because I want to help you to nourish your body and feed your entire life.

When you Nourish your whole self, you bring YOU back to your intuitive wellbeing.

I created Nourish as a supportive community for women who are working towards healthier lives by honoring themselves first.