Ready to finally end yo-yo dieting for good?

In the U.S., Weight Loss is a $66 Billion industry.  That means we spend a lot of our precious hard-earned money dieting.  

But after trying all those fad diets, and spending all that money – are you feeling healthier? Are you feeling naturally energized? Are you feeling amazing about your body from the inside out?

This industry thrives on perpetuating that restrictive diets and extreme exercise are the road to body acceptance, self love, and radical self confidence.

...But we're not getting that.

We’re constantly chasing diet trend after diet trend searching for that silver bullet.

This pattern turns us away from our own inner wisdom and self relationship and makes us turn externally to prescribed diet plans that ultimately end up feeding our negative body image.

We know more within us than we give ourselves credit for.

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I hate to see beautiful {yes, you!}, smart {yes, you!}, wonderful {yes, you!} women chaining themselves to the constant grind of jumping from one diet trend to another.

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You deserve to feel absolutely incredible in your skin from the inside out.

Food isn’t to be feared – it’s not the enemy. It’s the answer.

No more diets. No more extreme exercise. No more failed restrictive programs and disappointments.  

It’s time to FINALLY:

Welcome self love.

Welcome self confidence.

Welcome the healing powers of food.

Welcome intentional movement that you love and serves your body.

Welcome tailor made, gradual changes that fit into your life.  

Welcome love of self.

Welcome support through every stage and season.  

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Before meeting with Cristina, I had a poor body image, felt un-sexy and for years had been trying the latest diet fads to try and look model-skinny. I always had a hard time accepting my body. I can remember feeling self-conscious as far back as the 3rd Grade. Cristina’s recommendations were tailor made and presented in gradual steps to meet my bigger goals. This made them feel achievable. My favorite part was definitely the undivided attention Cristina gave me during our sessions. She made our sessions feel like a safe haven free of judgment or criticism. Any suggestions that she made came from a place of educated experience and the desire to help and support a fellow sister. I expected to learn about nutrition, but what I received was a coaching journey through my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.Alicia
Cristina is a life-changing nutritionist that gave me the most transformational experience.Lucinda
“One of my proudest accomplishments from this journey was eliminating migraines & headache medicine. She stayed one step ahead the whole way, letting me know what to expect next and what I might experience in my body, which was so reassuring. As we started to get the nutrition under control, we started to work on my mental/emotional health and this was huge for me, realizing what parts of my everyday life I needed to focus on more and also what things to let go of. She never shamed me if I had a slip up or bad day, you encouraged me and re-instilled that I am human and to not let guilt take over. She was my my encyclopedia, my ear to vent to, my cheerleader and my accountability, which I so needed at that time and it was so nice to see her face on our calls, I miss those calls!Monica
Think of Cristina as your best friend, nutritionist, mindset guru, and cheerleader all into one! She will help you break the cycle of disappointment and failed diets, so you can start enjoying your food and body. Cristina will not tell you what to eat, how to eat, or what exercises to do. You won’t have to count calories, worry about macros (what are these anyway?) or the latest workout fad. Instead, she’ll take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing, so you can use food to fuel your body, spirit, and mind.”Cici

This is for you if...

  • You’re done with the patriarchy approach to weight loss that focuses on calories in and calories out rather than embracing your beautiful figure and feeling truly amazing in your body while feeding it foods that bring you vitality.
  • You want to feel connected to yourself and your body. You’re ready to learn the tools to tune into your own inner intuition around food and your body so you can let go of diets and love your gorgeously, imperfect body.
  • You’re ready to fuel your body and soul with foods and practices that truly nourish every aspects of yourself.
  • You’re ready for a completely transformative experience through your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that lead to a life that you love.
  • You’re ready for complete body freedom and body love.  

What this isn't...

This is not quick fix weight loss. Sometimes weight loss can be a natural byproduct of tuning into your body and fueling it with a whole foods. This is cool, but so not the point. 

If you’re looking for a quick {lose 10, 20, 30 pounds} weight loss program, this is not for you. There are a bunch of people out there doing that and if that’s what you’re looking for, I will not be offended. You do you, girlfriend. No judgement here.

But how?  

How do we do this without removing food groups and hitting the gym for hardcore cardio workouts daily? How can we embrace our bodies and make the desired changes we are looking for all at the same time?

It starts with tuning in.

A year -long personalized transformative experience through your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual selves that is designed to teach you to hear the cues your body is telling you, reshape your mindset around your body and nutrition, and gradually set changes in motion that fit into your lifestyle and tailored needs.  

Sure, in practice this is going to look like making changes to your current nutrition, education, affirmations, meditation, and intentional movement.

But it’s really about digging deep into yourself {the mindset that’s blocking your body love}, debunking dieting myths, getting intentional about how you treat your body through how you speak to yourself, how you feed yourself, how you move, and emerging as YOU.

The YOU that you’ve always known you could be. The YOU that is confident, energized, and not bogged down by silver bullet diets.  

This program is deeply rooted in identifying and supporting the 4 Bodies.  We are puzzles and only addressing one aspect of our health is a disservice to all the pieces that play vital roles in our overall health and vitality. This program is designed to encompass all the areas of your health, set intentions in each, design lifestyle changes, and gradually transform the mind, body, and soul.


What are the Four Bodies?

The Physical Body

This body encompasses our physical self – our skin, our organs, our muscles, our bones, digestion, our overall physical health.

The Emotional Body

Is just that – our emotions. It’s our hormones, our need for control, and our overall feelings. It’s the bridge between the Physical Body and the Mental body. It’s the body where we start living through our heart center. It’s how we react. It’s how we interpret the world around us.

The Mental Body

This is our intellectual center. It’s our thoughts and judgments. This body is where we get our focus and clarity. It’s our due north arrow to live our truth.

The Spiritual Body

This is our connection to our deepest selves, The Divine, The Universe, Mother Earth, God, Allah, whatever draws you closer to the connection between ourselves and something bigger and greater than the individual. This is not religion. In fact, you can have a religious practice or belief and not have this connection and on the flip side, you can have this connection and not have a religious belief. They are not one in the same, but they can be if that’s your jam.

  • 25 Private Sessions {via Skype} – 1 Kick off Session that’s 90 minutes long & 2 per month (55 minutes) for a full calendar year with personalized changes and support throughout for a life changing transformation
  • Personalized mindset exercises, videos, recipes, meal plans, education, ongoing developed resources, and more.
  • Accountability – access to me isn’t limited to our private sessions. You can email me in between sessions and have built in accountability.
  • Discounted access to workshops, events, and programs
  • Complete a Comprehensive Health Questionnaire that digs deep into your current lifestyle, health, and any symptoms that you may be experiences {things like sleeping patterns, energy levels, stomach discomfort, digestive health, mental focus/clarity, and current exercise routine}
  • Kick Off Session to discuss your health history and Comprehensive Health Questionnaire and goals – at which point, I’ll design a 10,000 foot view protocol of the steps we need to make to get you to your long term goals in the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies.
  • Design gradual, actionable, attainable steps at each session to get you closer to your desired self incorporating each of the Four Bodies
  • Ongoing exercises, activities, affirmations, and guided meditations to maintain mindset.
  • Share research- based education aimed to debunk common health myths and aid in long term transformational change.  The more you learn, the more you’ll leave with!

Total Investment for Break The Diet Cycle $2500

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