Nutrition support for women with chronic illness.

Helping women navigate their diagnosis through simplifying the nutrition to go from overwhelmed to seamlessly integrated into their lives

It can be daunting to hear a diagnosis and protocol that is flipping your whole world upside down. No Gluten. No Dairy. No Sugar. No Alcohol. It’s enough to send anyone’s head spinning.

  • What am I supposed to cook?
  • How am I supposed to eat out?
  • What exactly are nightshades?
  • How do I even go grocery shopping?
  • How do I explain this to my friends and family?

If you want to feel better, more vibrant, and get that lost energy back, the nutrition and lifestyle changes are of the utmost importance.

Don’t have a specific diagnosis, but want to figure out what might be causing your random symptoms? You know something is going on, but not sure exactly what it is?

Not a problem. I’ll create an elimination diet specific for you, guide you through it, and help integrate the changes into your lifestyle so you’re left feeling energized, less bloated, and no longer overwhelmed or bogged down with not feeling well.

I’m Cristina Hoyt, Certified Integrative Health Coach, and I help women navigate their diagnosis by guiding them through the nutrition protocol with gradual, easy changes to live their most vibrant life. If you’re overwhelmed with your diagnosis and nutrition overhaul you are recommended to take…

I can help

Find out how!

After working with me you will:

  • Successfully integrate your nutrition protocol into your life with ease.
  • Feel more vibrant and regain your natural energy
  • Lose bloat, stomach aches, mood swings
  • See eating as a form of healing rather than restrictive
  • Maintain healthy eating habits that support your body rather than inhibit

What to expect when we work together

  • Two 50 minute

  • sessions per month, at Dr. Helstrom’s office in Doylestown, {total of 12 sessions during 6 months} so you’ll get an individualized action plan and steps to help you integrate the changes into your life seamlessly.
  • E-mail and text

  • support between sessions so you never feel alone and have a built in accountability partner.
  • Recipes

  •  that are healthy, simple, and QUICK to prepare that you know you can make so you’re equipped with healthy options instead of grabbing something convenient, but not necessarily healthy.
  • Grocery shopping help and meal plans during detox protocol.
  • Seamless coordination

  • between me and Dr. Helstrom to ensure that you are supported in your healing process.

It’s not only all about the food

We’ll work on lifestyle changes like being a more mindful eater, body confident, stress management, and getting those long lost restful night’s sleep.  It all plays a vital role in your overall health, especially when dealing with a chronic illness!

Schedule your discovery session today to see if we’re the right fit.

{Currently, this program is only offered to patients of Dr. Julia Helstrom, D.O., check out Break the Diet Cycle {VIP} for another way we can work together!}

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