Integrative Clinical Nutritionist. Diet Hater. Weight Inclusive, HAES™ Practitioner.  Leader of the {Non}Diet Tribe.  Firm believer that all foods fit. 

You’re here because you…

  • want an alternative to weight loss programs and overly restrictive protocols promising to heal and restore your body, gut, and waistline. 
  • want to get integrative, evidence- based weight neutral nutrition support and lifestyle behavior modifications that emphasize improving your health and vitality and increasing joy around food. 

The {Un}Diet Life is...

– Living a life focusing on a healthy relationship with food rather than emphasizing a strict diet.
– Embody that you are more than your body & how truly amazing it is by nourishing it with foods that make you feel good from the inside out without guilt and shame.
– Eating and living life as an act of self appreciation and expression of acceptance.

I work with my clients to create personalized nutritional support to optimize the healing capacity of the body with a focus on an abundance mindset rather than restriction.

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You need the {Un}Diet life if…

You’re Sick of Dieting

You’re Ready To
stop feeling guilty about food.

You’re Feeling Guilty
after ordering the pancakes at brunch and then feel like you have to punish yourself at the gym.

You Dread Mondays
because you’re supposed to “get it together”

You’re Confused
by what’s actually real nutrition information.

You’re Tired
often & lacking the energy you feel like you should have

You’re Ready
to feel good and less out of control around food.

You Think That
you have to be doing a diet or a strict protocol to feel good.

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