Certified Integrative Health Coach. Diet Hater. Imperfect Body Lover.  Leader of the {Non}Diet Tribe.  Firm believer that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

You’re here because you…

– Know that there has to be another way to live a healthy lifestyle (and you’re so ready to find it!)
– Want to be inspired, supported, and finally end the yo-yo dieting and feel confident in your imperfect body.
– Want to be surrounded by other women going through the same thing and support, laugh, and have fun together and maybe even share some yummy recipes and virtual glasses of wine.

The {Un}Diet Life is...

– Living a life focusing on a healthy relationship with food rather than emphasizing a strict diet.
– Loving your imperfect figure for how truly amazing it is by nourishing it with foods that make you feel good from the inside out.
– Moving and doing activities that get your blood pumping because you genuinely love it, not as a form of guilt over your brunch order
– Eating and living life as an act of self appreciation and expression of love for your body.

I’m here to lead you to the {un}diet life. Bring the pleasure, joy, and (dare I say hotness?), into eating healthy no matter your size or goal weight.

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You need the {Un}Diet life if…

You’re Sick of Dieting
You’ve done a diet trend (think cutting out carbs, counting calories, counting points) and couldn’t stick with it or feel completely lost after finishing it.

You’re Ready To
eat foods that make you feel amazing and actually enjoy eating

You’re Feeling Guilty
after ordering the pancakes at brunch and then hit the gym hard the next day.

You Dread Mondays
because you’re supposed to “get it together”

You’re Confused
by what’s actually healthy or not.

You’re Tired
often & lacking the energy you feel like you should have

You’re Ready
to feel good about your body

You’re Think That
eating healthy means only eating salads, not eating any kind of treat, and exercising constantly.

What to do next?

If you’re a social media, Facebook group lover like I am and want to meet more women going through the same changes that you’re going through, join the {Non} Diet Tribe Facebook group for daily prompts, support, and tips as you go through your {Non} dieting transformation.

Need a little more one-on-one love and attention, and want to get into the why and how for your personal journey?  Work with me one-on-one in my 3-month long package, Heal From Within.

Love a good e-course that you can go through on your own time with prompts, videos, a some background music?  Get Eat to Thrive: The Ultimate Vitality Wellness Package.

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