I’m not sure about you, but I start off in the New Year’s rockin’ my resolutions.  I’m excited, motivated and determined to see everything come to fruition.

But a few weeks in, life gets back into the swing of things and those resolutions get lost in the cobweb of life.  

My resolutions weren’t quite working with me.  They weren’t sticking. And they didn’t encompass all that I wanted.  

I realized that I was creating external resolutions and goals and not paying attention to how I want to feel.  They seemed far-reaching and relatively arbitrary.  Even if they were super clear, they felt disconnected from me. I slowly forgot why I chose those resolutions in the first place.  

Then I discovered the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and she designed intention/goal setting all around our core desired feelings.  This made sense to me.

Ahhh, finally. I felt connected to the why behind my resolutions.

This was jiving, this made sense to me.  

But something still felt a little off. And I decided it was missing the areas of myself that I want to focus on. I wanted to create something that dug deeper into my body.  

How I truly wanted to feel about my body.  I wanted to design an intention setting process that helped me tune into my body, discover how I wanted to feel from the inside out, and set goals to help me get there along the way.  

A little bit about me and my philosophy.  I’m Cristina Hoyt Alvarez and I help women end chronic dieting and negative body image by simplifying nutrition and reframing eating healthy as an act of self-appreciation rather than guilt. All the while bringing pleasure and enjoyment to eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

I also believe that we have four bodies that need attention and tending to optimal vitality and wellness.  The Physical, The Mental, The Emotional, and The Spiritual.  Each one of these bodies require their own set of intentions and desired feelings.

My approach for goal setting takes each of these bodies into account so you can build the goals and intentions that focus on 2018 becoming the year where you feel the most connected to your body, yourself, and health.

Cheers to making 2018 the year of you! Party Starts January 1, 2018, @11am in the Non-Diet Tribe


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